Damen Handschuhe LINA aus natürlich gewachsenem Lammfellfutter


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This is one of the top models from the EEM brand.
The gloves are made from the finest curly lambskin originating in New Zealand.
The fur is grown, which means that the fur was never separated from the skin during processing.
The upper made of leather and the inside made of lambswool form a unit in these gloves.
The special thing about this lambskin is its fine, curly hair structure. This binds more air in the natural wool fibers and thus
increases the thermal insulation at the same time.
Curly gloves therefore offer the most natural and warmest glove lining.
The suede exterior creates a high-quality look.
In addition, each model is lovingly and laboriously sewn by hand.These gloves are not industrially manufactured mass-produced goods, but very valuable and long-lasting unique items that, with proper
care, will keep your hands warm for many years.

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Braun, Tobacco, Schwarz


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